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Bespoke | Quality Craftsmanship

Go from Materialist to Maker with Mint Fresco's hand-crafted solid metal furniture legs.


We start  with raw materials mined and forged in the Midwest. Solid metal alloys are manually machined in our woman-operated shop on the Space Coast of Florida.

Finally, we hand package the polished finished pieces with love to last a lifetime in your home.


All Mint Fresco legs are hand machined on our
English built Clausing-Colchester lathe

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Aircraft Aluminum (T6-6061 Alloy)

Every Component in Mint Fresco's Furniture Leg Kits are machined from Solid Metal, from the legs themselves, to the mounting plates, and included hardware. We currently offer legs in Aluminum, Brass, and (coming soon) Copper.

Mint Fresco Floor Protectors

To keep your home's floor safe, our legs include bolt-in 3D printed floor protectors that biodegradable and made from Indiana Corn.


Copper (110 Alloy)

Brass (C360 Alloy)

Elevate your furniture

Elevate What You Already Own

Mint Fresco Leg kits include every component required to install on your most treasured piece of furniture, and only require basic tools. Each leg includes a solid metal mounting plate, machined from the same material as the leg, and includes a full set of color-matched and corrosion-resistant hardware.

Included with Every Set

  • (4) Machined Metal Legs,  6" Length

  • (4) Machined Metal Mounting Plates, 2" x 2"

  • (4) Brass or 316 Stainless Bolts

  • (16) Brass or 316 Stainless 3/4" Wood Screws

  • (4) Adjustable 3D Printed Floor Protectors in Signature Mint Green

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Mint Fresco Metal Leg Hardware_edited.jpg

Like so many of you, my life changed overnight because of the Pandemic. After years of managing a Female First retail store in San Francisco, we packed up our lives and moved to the “Space Coast” in Florida. This part of the country is a treasure trove of vintage furniture. I quickly fell in love restoring these timeless pieces, giving them new life, and new homes.

Handmade pieces, crafted of materials from nature itself, deserve equally exquisite hardware. In my search to find metal tapered legs to elevate these pieces; legs made of fine brass, copper, and lustrous white aluminum, I found nothing. This is the point in this story where I found a match made in the stars. I crafted my first hand-machined metal legs in our own rocket lab for these timeless crafted pieces.

The rest is history. From my home, to yours, I’ve made it my mission to bring raw metal from nature, into bespoke legs for your most cherished furniture. They install in minutes and are guaranteed to last a lifetime.

Tara Endress


The Future is Handmade. Not Disposable.